What If I Disagree With My W-2 Form?

Your Form W-2 should accurately reflect your taxable compensation received, and taxes withheld, during the year. In some cases, this may not reconcile with your actual paycheck stubs for legitimate reasons, such as the inclusion of taxable benefits or adjustments not reflected on the checks. If you believe your W-2 form is in error, the first thing you should do is ask your employer to help you reconcile the form with the information you have. If you still believe your W-2 form is in error, and your employer does not agree to change it, you can call the Internal Revenue Service at 1-800-TAX-1040 and report the problem. Realize that this means your employer will likely be contacted by an IRS auditor, so be certain that there is a problem you cannot rectify through your employer.

If you need to report income or wages that differs from that reported by your employer, you should complete and attach to your return a Form 4852, listing the correct information. Attach a copy of your original W-2 form with "See Form 4852" written across it, and a schedule showing the differences between the two forms. You should also include copies of any documentation you believe supports your figures.

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