Many taxpayers can file their return BY TELEPHONE!

Most taxpayers who filed Form 1040EZ last year will receive a TeleFile booklet for the current tax year, rather than regular tax forms. This booklet must be retained in order to file your return by telephone. (If you lose the booklet, or did not receive one, you cannot use TeleFile, and would need to obtain the necessary forms to file on paper.)

In order to be eligible to participate, you must have filed Form 1040-EZ last year, still be eligible to file that form, and living at the same address you did on last year's return. Your filing status can be single or married filing jointly, but you cannot have any dependents. You must also have received a special "Form 1040-TEL" booklet in the mail, inviting you to participate. The booklet explains the steps that need to be followed to file by telephone.

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